∞ ѕтep ιnтo мy мιnd ∞

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★ 18 ★★ college ★
★ ιтerracιal coυpleѕ are a вeaυтy ★
★ι aм only aттracтed тo вlacĸ gυyѕ★

★ never тнroυgнoυт нιѕтory нaѕ a мan wнo lιved a lιғe oғ eaѕe leғт a naмe worтн reмeмвerιng. _тнeodore rooѕevelт_ ★

"Don’t ask her to moan. Make her."
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"The evenings in which
I mistake whiskey for
water follow the days
in which I mistake
music for your name."
i am drinking more often, now ~ Emma Bleker (via stolenwine)
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